A traditional indigenous product
      Traditionally, Monoï de Tahiti has always held a special place in the heart of the Polynesian people. This simple yet remarkable ingredient is included in many different past and present areas of the natives' practices such as in intricate religious ceremonies, in holistic medicine practices or in more humble daily usage such as the beauty care of both body and hair.

More than just a beauty product
      Monoï de Tahiti has been used for many decades in local traditional cosmetology to hydrate the skin and to condition the hair. Its unique components however, are also used in the more intricated practices of the Polynesians' traditional medicine. The Tiare (Gardenia Taitensis) blossoms, for example, are commonly used to help cure earaches, headaches, sties and certain types of eczema or simply to relieve insect bites.
A natural ingredient with
         a guarantee
      Monoï de Tahiti production consists of soaking approximately ten "tiare" (Gardenia Taitensis) blossoms in one liter of refined coconut oil that is purified by filtration. The final mixture is ready to be used as a natural, unadulterated ingredient with unique benefits and properties for skin and hair.
A rich potential for the future
      The natives' long-standing traditional claims regarding the unique hydrating and special hair reparative properties of Monoï de Tahiti are being scientifically validated one by one through sophisticated analysis performed by very reputable independent laboratories. Further in-depth tests are being carried out and it appears that the century old ingredient, Monoï de Tahiti, may well continue to surprise the world of science in general and professional dermatologists in particular.

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